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By Noah Chen

THC remediation is the subtle art of wringing the THC out of hemp. This occurs to isolate the CBD and repackage it. It’s through remediation that the CBD for top-shelf, premium products gets sourced, and pure CBD crystals are able to hit the shelves.

However, it might also be necessary to have your hemp remediated for legal purposes. When hemp became legal in 2018, it happened with the caveat that the plants contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. The problem is, after separating the cannabinoids from the plant matter, a flower that was originally 0.3 percent THC may have a cannabinoid mixture of around three percent THC, well over the legal limit. For this reason, many CBD producers are looking for the best ways to take THC out of their product.

Many potential remediation paths

It’s true that there are many different methods of THC remediation. But, they’re not all created equal. For instance, dilution may be the easiest method, but it leaves you with a watered down product that won’t appeal to CBD purists. This process involves mixing your cannabinoids with another substance to bring the THC levels within the legal limits

You could also separate the THC and CBD using fractional distillation. This process takes advantage of boiling points to separate mixtures into separate states of liquid or gas. However, CBD and THC have similar boiling points. Not only that, but both are sensitive to temperature. With this process, cannabinoids may degrade under heat. It’s even possible to lose some CBD in the attempt to isolate it.

The process many prefer, called chromatography, doesn’t require any extreme temperatures. Though it may take a bit more time, many in the hemp industry pick chromatography as their go-to method.

The chromatography way

As stated, chromatography is a popular iteration of THC remediation. Chromatography works by taking your CBD/THC solution and putting it through a glass tube. The process has a “mobile phase” and a “stationary phase.” In the stationary phase, a solid material, sometimes sand-like silica, sits inside the tube. Your solution is then poured onto it. This is part of the mobile phase, where the solution gets combined with a solvent.

Your CBD/THC solution works its way down through the solid material. As it moves, the THC molecules become hampered by the silica. They slow down while the CBD molecules flow through more easily. It’s similar to how water falls through a strainer after you dumped your finished pasta into it. The water drains off, but the pasta sticks around.

All of this occurs as the phases of the entire chromatography process works together. The solid material sets up the stationary phase. Once the solvent and solution get added to the solid, you’ve entered into the mobile phase.

When complete, the CBD exits the bottom of the tube, leaving the THC behind.

Finding a partner in THC remediation

There’s a lot to learn about the world of hemp and CBD. Even after you’ve planted your crop, and harvested it, issues can arise, If you find yourself in need of remediation, contact Arbor Vita8. Our knowledgeable staff fully understands the ins and outs of the hemp industry, and are here to help. From selecting the right seeds to finding the perfect manufacturer, we’re here for you. We’re the hemp processor you can trust for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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